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Finest Food in the Fleet

Posted on 09 Jun 2022 @ 1:09pm by Lieutenant Isabel Castillo & Chief Petty Officer Samantha Gibbons
Edited on on 15 Jun 2022 @ 1:25pm

Episode: E1: A Historic Voyage
Location: Galley
Timeline: Date 2025-04-21 at 1815

One watch, even though it was an abbreviated one, down. Only something like 60 more to go before they were due back at Kitsap. For all that being the JOD entailed, Isabel had found the majority of the watch quiet. Sure, there were exciting moments--getting underway had felt downright momentous--but for the most part it had felt like settling in and letting the routine of watch schedules and set tasks take hold.

This was her first posting as CHOP on a submarine as well and she was eager to make sure everyone under her supervision was also doing well, so she settled on a circuit of some of the key places she ought to be checking on. First and foremost, the boat's galley. The stainless steel surfaces of the galley were already covered from end to end with food or the various implements and pans needed to feed a crew of 135.

"Evening Chief," she called as she stepped just inside the entrance of the galley, spotting Sam Gibbons. "How's our shiny new galley treating you?"

Sam looked up at the words "Like a dream, Lieutenant. She may be small, but size doesn't matter in cooking, just the spices and the love put into the food." Sam said smiling "How's the sub treating you?" She asked returning the question to Isa. Sam took a moment to make sure that there were sandwich makings for those on watch section two. She had one crewman assigned to cover the shift, she would adjust as needed to make sure that people were fed.

Cooking on a submarine held it's own challenges, first was indeed size. One had to get used to cramped quarters quickly and develop a communication system so that there were no injuries or loss of food. Sam had spent the better part of a week before departure making sure that their stores were adequate. She knew that they could resupply along the way, but she preferred to be over prepared than under.

She poured a cup of coffee "Coffee Ma'am?" She asked offering a cup to Isa.

Isabel took the proffered cup appreciatively, bringing it to her mouth to sip before answering the other woman's question. "As you said," she commented with a quirk of her lips, "like a dream. Not every day you get to work on a brand new boat, but when you do it sure is nice." She sipped the coffee again then held the mug out to inspect. "Is this something new? Been a while since I looked at what coffee we ordered."

Sam smiled and nodded "Brazilian light roast, not as bitter but still has a caffeine kick." She said taking a drink from her own cup. "We actually have several flavors aboard and of course the Keurig for those that want something off the wall."

Isa nodded and took another long sip of the coffee. "Thank heaven for options," she acknowledged, before bringing the mug back down. "Anything you need help with? I don't mind getting my hands dirty from time to time if I can help keep things moving. And we're gonna need a cake tomorrow. Lieutenant Finch apparently got married before we left. I'd like to keep it a secret, though, if we can."

Sam nodded "Mums the word." She said "What kind of cake are you thinking?" Sam asked, "Fancy or just a plain jane?" She asked. It wasn't every day she got to spread her baking wings.

"I can't think of anything we need." Sam said "Stores are packed to bursting." She added "Is there anything you need from me or my staff?"

"It's to celebrate a wedding so let's head toward fancy. Any chance, for kicks, you can incorporate a maple leaf into the decoration somewhere?" Isa said, chuckling a bit at herself. It was an inside joke of sorts between herself and Lieutenant Finch and if there was a chance to poke at it, even for a special occasion, she was going to take it.

"A maple leaf. Not an issue." Sam said "Dinner tomorrow night or earlier?" She asked already laying out the cake in her mind.

"The beginning of the second watch rotation," Isa informs her. "Finch is JOD then and it should be easier to move around without him catching on."

"As for needing anything, I think I'm alright. Too early to need too much, but I'll be around. I'm happy to get my hands on things here if it's a help too, so I won't be a stranger." She grinned at the other woman. "I should be getting on with my rounds here, though." She drained her mug quickly and held it up in a sort of toast. "Thank you for the fuel."

"Anytime Ma'am. And I'll have the cake ready for tomorrow."

"Thanks Chief. I appreciate it!" With one last glance Isabel turned and made her way out--on to her next stop.


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