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Battle Stations Torpedo!

Posted on 07 Jun 2022 @ 6:00pm by Commander Nathan Lewes & Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Watts & Petty Officer First Class Caleb Doyle & Petty Officer Second Class Tyler Hoff & Lieutenant Commander Ciara Mcclellandi & Lieutenant Isabel Castillo & Lieutenant Ronnie Broward & Chief Warrant Officer 2 Kemo Paahao & Command Master Chief Petty Officer Hector Gonzales & Chief Petty Officer Nathaniel Winchester & Chief Petty Officer Samantha Gibbons & Petty Officer First Class Rebecca Robinson & Lieutenant (N) Rhys Finch & Senior Chief Petty Officer Benjamin Adler

Episode: E1: A Historic Voyage
Location: USS Arizona
Timeline: Date 2025-04-22 at 0333

"Captain in control," one of the fire control party announced, when he saw the Captain and XO enter together. They looked a bit sleepy but also clearly alert with grins on their faces. He knew from the time and experience that this meant they'd be waking the whole crew up at just after 03:30 for some sort of drill.

"Officer of the deck," Liz called out, "sounding please."

"Energize the Fathometer!" the officer of the deck, a junior officer from engineering commanded.

"Two thousand seven hundred ninety," the watch stander responded.

"Ma'am, current seafloor depth is two thousand seven hundred ninety fathoms," the watch stander replied, which if he was capable of doing the math in his head would be 16,740 feet which gave them plenty of room to work with. "We are currently on prescribed course at depth of three hundred feet," the OOD added.

"Very well put us on a fifteen degree down angle and then man battle stations torpedo," Liz commanded, with a sly grin at the CO which was returned. Most of the crew was about to get a rude awakening and their world would be on a slant when they awoke.

"Fifteen degree down angle, aye ma'am," the Officer of the Deck repeated. He turned toward the pilot and gave the order and then activating the 1MC he took his microphone and placed it near his lips. "General Quarters, General Quarters, all hands man battle stations torpedo. All hands man battle stations torpedo," it was then followed by the gonging of the general alarm.

Lieutenant Rhys Finch had always been a light sleeper and he hadn't quite reached rapid eye movement level sleep. He hard the klaxon of the general alarm and the announcement broke over the speaker. He climbed out of his bunk and checked in on Ronnie in the middle bunk. Gently pushing his shoulder but noticed his bunkmate was already awake, "Wakey, wakey."

Ronnie had had some difficulty falling asleep which was usually the case when first aboard due to the time shift, so he had been reading a very worn Walt Longmire novel he always carried. He had looked up at the announcement coming on the 1MC, and had barely enough time when the GQ alarm sounded and Rhys pushing him to wake up. He hopped out of his bed, quickly stepping into his coveralls as he felt the ship pitching forward. "And so it begins," he said giving a slight grin to Rhys as he zipped up his coveralls while bending over to quickly lace his boots. He could feel the adrenaline start flowing even though he figured this was just a drill. Grabbing his portable radio, He was out the hatch and making his way down the pitched deck towards the control room

"So it begins indeed," Finch slipped into his coveralls. He slipped on his boots quickly tying them up and zipping up the coveralls while he approached the charging station and grabbed his walkie. He followed Ronnie down the deck, "Best we better not keep the party waiting. I miss doing these drills."

"Remember, we don't know it's a drill," Ronnie called back his tone emphasizing the point. The last thing he wanted was a talk from the XO about the importance of believing everything was happening in real time. He was fairly confident it was a drill, but complacency always lead to bad outcomes on a sub.

Ciara could sleep heavily, but some sounds had jerked her awake, that electronic gonging of battle stations was one of them. Her eyes snapped open and she pivoted to a sitting position adjusting as she sub dipped down..

She rapidly dressed as she tapped Isabel's bunk to make sure her roommate was awake.

"I'm awake. I'm awake," the CHOP grumbled, legs suddenly appearing from her bunk, the rest of her following as she slid out of the space to the floor. Logic told her this was probably a drill, but the reality was that there was every chance it wasn't so even though she was grumpy about being awake, she was fully cogent and had slid into her coveralls and zipped them up before Ciara had left the room.

Nathaniel was woken by the blaring klaxon of the alarm. He groaned and rubbed his eyes as he climbed out of bed, feeling how the sub was slanted downwards as he stood on the floor. He quickly got dressed, putting his overalls, boots, and belt on over his underclothes. As he was about to walk out, he noticed Adler still in bed and walked over. He gave him a shake. "Senior Chief, wake up. It's Battle Stations."

Ben had heard the alarm and was awake, but had taken an extra moment to get his thoughts in order, a trick he'd learned a few years back when it became evident that being awoken from a dead sleep didn't typically result in his best--and a nuclear reactor required his best. "I'm up," he said brusquely, swinging out of the bunk and quickly pulling on his coveralls. If Winchester had more to say than that he didn't hear it.

Nathaniel nodded at Adler before heading out, on his way to the Wardroom.

Sam rolled out of her rack, grabbed the uniform that was close by, noted the slant of the boat and adjusted her stance. Once dressed, Sam headed for control. Barely glancing at her watch, she took in the time.

Rebecca was awakened by the alarm for general quarters. She stood up and immediately fell on her face. She noticed after the jostle the ship was on a downward slant. In most cases she would have caught it, but with the grogginess of waking up it completely slipped her mind. She stood up accounting for the slant and got dressed before rushing her way to control. She wished she had a cup of coffee in her system, but she was trained for this.

Hector had been in his office working on some overdue reports when he heard the call for General Quarters. He stood and secured his computer before grabbing his radio and stepping into the passageway. He looked around at all the sailors reacting and slipped into his COB role, "Let's hurry up people! What, did you think this would be a pleasure cruise? Report to your GQ stations, move it!"

Rebecca arrived in control and quickly made her way to her Fire Control station even with the ship in its precarious position, upon arrival she prepared the computer for combat. The task took no time at all. She wasn't sure if this was a drill or not, but she was taught treat everything like it could be combat. She waited patiently for orders, while she monitored the systems for any changes.

As personnel began arriving to their diving spaces Liz looked at the depth indicator, not that the pilot wasn't calling out depth as they passed each hundred feet but something about seeing it herself made her feel more comfortable.

"Officer of the deck, make our depth one hundred feet fifteen degrees up angle," Liz commanded. The order was acknowledged and the submarine began to reverse it's angle so it was now heading upward.

Ronnie entered the control room from the rear as he felt the sub start pitching up. The klaxon was still blaring and he used the overhead railings to make his way to the OOD console. "Captain, XO," he said by way of acknowledgement before securing his radio mic to his collar and switching it to the all stations channel. He then grabbed the 1MC mic but waited for orders before keying it.

Sam arrived in control and took the co-pilot seat and grabbed her headphones and settled them on her ears.

Rhys followed in behind Ronnie into the control room and headed to the weapons control station.

At the pilot seat sat a bleary eyed YNS2 Hoff having stayed up later than he should have to work on a project he found out about just prior to departure that he needed to finish by the time they arrived at New York. It was a report due for education requirements that needed to get back to the Squadron though he'd hoped to have it done sooner because by New York it would be later than necessary. He just hoped that the broadcast would accept it and not turn it back.

"Sonar is at battle stations," the Sonar Chief reported as the members of his crew finished logging into their consoles. Among them of course was SNS1 Doyle.

"No contacts on passive sonar," Doyle spoke aloud.

"CONN, Sonar, no contacts."

"Attention in control, this is Lieutenant Broward. I have relieved Lieutenant Otto as Officer of the Deck. There is no Junior Officer of the Deck. I have the deck and the conn. All stations report combat readiness," Ronnie called out for everyone to hear him. He then keyed the mic for the 1MC, "Attention all hands, make combat readiness reports to control."

Ciara moved through the crowd, one skill she had picked up in her life was balance, it came in handy when she was helping on her neighbor's ranch, riding that bronco, and playing football. She moved in to the engineering compartment and began to conduct a headcount and began to monitor both the compartment and crew.

Kemo wove his way through the bustling decks to Engineering, pulling himself through the hatch when an opening appeared, then moving off to one side while he waited for the rest of his group to arrive. He looked around engineering from his vantage point as Arizona's personnel hustled to their designated place. As his team showed up, he pointed at two of the rating and said, "You two station here, watch for safety hazards and clear any dunnage that starts sliding about. Hendricks and I," he continued, jabbing a thumb at the Seaman 2nd with brown hair. "Will move forward and post up near to the torpedo room."

The other three all verbally acknowledged his orders and then he and Hendricks ducked back through the hatch and into the upward canted corridor.

Ben ducked into engineering just as Kemo ducked back out on his way to the torpedo room. He scanned those assembled, noting that, though some were bleary eyed, all were at their stations and monitoring the reactor. "Report," he barked out as he approached his group, weight shifted to his back foot to keep his footing against the boat's incline.

Hastings, who was posted up to monitor the moment by moment reactor readings and report them to Nunez next to him so that adjustments could be made if they needed to slow or speed the nuclear reaction during the drill, looked up at the Lab Chief, acknowledging him with a quick nod. "All operations are nominal Chief Adler. Reactor Lab team at the ready."

"Lab team team at the ready," he repeated back to them with a crisp nod. "Let's keep our eyes and ears open and ready."

"Move it," Hector called as he watched the crew respond around him. He was heading towards Damage Control Central, but he had decided to take the long way so he could see how the crew was reacting. As the Chief of the Boat, he had no assigned battle station, but he customarily posted himself in DC Central. Coming from a damage controlman background, Hector preferred to take charge of the first DC parties when needed. He was pleased with how quickly the crew was responding so far, especially given both the steep angle of the boat and the time. He double checked his radio was on the right channel before he felt the boat pitching up.

Nathaniel entered the wardroom to find his stretcher-bearers had already arrived and begun to prepare. The wardroom's dining table had been converted into an operating table. They had uncovered the surgical lights and moved the surgical boom and an IV Stand beside it. They'd been setting the Vital Signs Monitor up when he'd walked in. "Good work lads. I'll take over that. You two move the Anesthesia Machine into position, and get the necessary surgical tools and medicine out."

Damage Control Central was the official name for where Isabel found herself, but in reality it was the CO's quarters. The space doubled as the nerve center for communication during an incident like this and she entered the room quickly, making her way for the 1MC before pausing next to it, at the ready.

The Engineering department had checked in and Ciara picked up the handset, "Conn, Engineering. Reporting Combat Readiness, compartment is manned and ready."

Ronnie looked towards the captain. Having heard all the compartments report in, he felt the boat start leveling out under his feet. He then checked the depth gauge on the OOD console before reporting, "Captain, battle stations torpedo manned and ready. All compartments report manned and awaiting further orders. Our depth is currently one hundred feet and we are on course 310, sir."

"A little slow," the Captain said, glancing at the timer on his watch and resetting it. He turned and looked to the executive officer for her thoughts.

"It's like everyone stopped to wake their rackmates up before they came to their stations," Liz chastized, not aware that some of that actually happened. "It's our first full day on patrol we'll have plenty of time to practice before we go on our next patrol. But keep in mind tensions are high just because we are on a PR mission that doesn't mean we get to be slow," she added, to all present in control. She rest her own timer, a stopwatch hanging from her neck, that was given to her by a former CO when she had been selected for the perisher.

"Secure from battlestations," Lewes commanded, this would reset the normal watch to control of the submarine with an announcement over the 1MC.


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