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Dive, Dive

Posted on 12 May 2022 @ 9:16pm by Commander Nathan Lewes & Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Watts & Lieutenant Ronnie Broward & Lieutenant (N) Rhys Finch

Episode: E1: A Historic Voyage
Location: Bridge & Control
Timeline: Date 2025-04-21 at 2200

"The time change always throws me," Liz stated, as she appeared in the sail from below. It was daylight out as it was 15:00 hours local time although the submarine was operating on Zulu time making it 22:00 inside of the submarine. This patrol would be extra hard with the time changes as the submarine was going to be making many port calls which was unusual for submarines. Perhaps she needed to have a conversation about the CO about that.

"Sure doesn't look like twenty-two-hundred, does it?" CDR Lewes responded. "Coming up for a final breath of air?" he asked. The four officers present in the sail which was quite crowded included now the CO, XO, LT Broward, and LT(N) Finch.

"Absolutely, sir, perk of the job," Liz smirked.

Ronnie smiled as he brought his binoculars back up and scanned the horizon. He had been relieved earlier by Ciara, and now he was sitting his scheduled watch rotation. His time off duty had been spent updating all navigational data since once they were submerged he would not be getting live feeds from NOAA.

Lieutenant Rhys Finch was born and grew up on the seaside. His parents often joked that saltwater ran through his veins. He looked over to Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Watts with an acknowledging head nod before returning to look out at the sea ahead of them.

"Officer of the deck rig for dive," Lewes announced. Rigging for dive was an important step that meant that any compartment that had a hatch sealed could no longer be opened without permission from the Officer of the Deck or a member of command. It meant that the submarine would begin working as a true submarine and that appropriate stations for their underwater operations must be manned at all times. Certain valve settings were changed, final system checks were made, and once ready they could begin submerging.

"Rig for dive aye sir," Ronnie replied as he let his binoculars down before glancing over at Rhys. "Mr. Finch, pass the word along the 1MC: rig ship for dive," he said before he keyed his own mic for the 7MC, "Control, Bridge. Sounding."

"Bridge, Control sounding 150 fathoms," the quartermaster of the watch responded.

"Yes Leftenant," Finch pulled the mic up to his lips, "Rig ship for dive."

“Officer of the deck clear the bridge,” the CO ordered. He had a grin on his face as wide as any of the crew had seen it.

"Aye sir," Ronnie said before looking around at the assembled crew. "Lookouts, clear the bridge," he said as he steeped aside to make room for both the CO and XO to head down the hatch. He then motioned for Rhys to go down next before he made one final look to make sure the bridge was secured before heading down the hatch himself.

The Canadian Lieutenant nodded his head to Ronnie and made his way down the ladder towards the control room.

“XO is down,” Liz said having slid down the ladder to the deck. She proceeded into control and stood near the OOD station.

“Captain is down,” Lewes called out, following Liz and taking a seat in his command chair.

Having secured the hatch to the bridge, Ronnie slid down the final ladder and stepped aside as an enlisted crewmember secured the second hatch and helped stow the ladder up on the overhead. As he pulled off his harness, he looked over at Rhys. "Mr. Finch, is the ship rigged for dive?" he asked.

"Ship is rigged to dive," Finch reported.

"Very well, " Ronnie said before taking his position at the OOD console. "Captain, all hatches are secured, and the ship is rigged for dive. My intention is to submerge the ship to a depth of 150 feet and proceed on course 310 north northwest," Ronnie reported as he waited for the CO's approval

"Very well, submerge the ship," Lewes responded.

"Submerge the ship, aye sir," Ronnie replied before facing the pilot and co-pilot's chairs, "Pilot, submerge the ship. Make your depth 150 feet."

"Make my depth 150 feet, Pilot aye," the pilot called before turning to the co-pilot, "Co-pilot, pass the word along the 1MC 'dive dive', sound two blasts of the dive alarm, 'dive dive'."

"Pass the word ' dive dive, Co-pilot aye," the co-pilot said before keying the microphone on his headset and selecting the 1MC channel. "Dive, dive," he called, voice echoing throughout the control room and the boat. There were two blasts of the familiar dive alarm klaxon before the co-pilot repeated, "Dive, dive."

Ronnie turned to Lieutenant Finch before speaking, "Mr. Finch, stand by the photonics mast. Report when the deck is awash."

Lieutenant Finch walked over to the photonics mast and looked at the viewfinder for the photonics mast as the Arizona's deck submerged under the waves. Moments later he turned to Ronnie, "Deck is awash, Leftenant Broward."

"Very well Mr. Finch," Ronnie acknowledged before returning his attention to the front of the control room.

"All vents indicate open," the co-pilot called from his seat as Ronnie felt the deck begin to slightly pitch forward under his boots. He looked back up at the pilot's station. "Pilot, upon reaching ordered depth, steer course 310, north northwest and increase speed to all ahead standard," he called.

"Steer course 310, north northwest. All ahead standard on reaching ordered depth, Pilot aye," the pilot responded.

Lewes stood behind the OOD console watching the photonics mast with the XO along his side. When the water overcame the lens he looked to the XO and smiled. The submarine had transmitted that they were submerging and downloaded the last broadcast which meant they would do it once again in about twelve hours.

"XO make sure to pass the word to all hands that we will transmit and receive email with each broadcast for the patrol," he said, with a smile. He had made sure to visit the radio shack earlier to inform him of his order that unless otherwise mentioned that they were to transmit and receive the crew's email.

"Of course sir, I'll get the word out," she said. She'd post it in the various mess and send it word of mouth through the department heads and perhaps make an announcement before the first broadcast but now wasn't the time

The submarine began to adjust course as it reached its dive point the CO and XO holding on to hand holds while the submarine changed angles.

"Mr. Finch notify the galley we'll be doing some heavy angles for the next thirty minutes or so," the Captain ordered.

"Yes Captain," Finch replied and brought the 1MC phone to his ear and lips, "Galley be advised that we will be making some very steep and heavy angles for the next thirty minutes."

"Officer of the deck, take us to test depth, give the galley ten minutes then I want a fifteen degree down angle. On the 1MC inform the crew that we will be going deep with heavy angles for the next thirty minutes."

"Aye sir," Ronnie answered before looking towards Rhys, "Mr. Finch, pass the word on the 1MC for all hands to brace for steep diving for thirty minutes." He picked the microphone and hit the appropriate switches before handing it to the Canadian officer.

"Thank you, Mr. Broward." Rhys held it up, "Attention for all hands. we'll be commencing steep dive within thirty. Deep dive, in thirty."

After checking his watch and confirming that ten minutes had passed, Ronnie looked back towards the pilot's station. "Pilot, make your depth eight hundred feet, fifteen degrees down bubble," he called.

"Make my depth eight hundred feet, fifteen degree down bubble. Pilot, aye," the pilot replied. Ronnie reached up and grabbed the hand hold as he felt the deck start to pitch forward.

"Once we are at test depth have all spaces report any issues and proceed to a depth of three hundred feet and continue on normal scheduled plot," the Captain ordered.

"Aye sir," Ronnie said as he leaned back slightly as the depth counter began climbing. After some time had passed, the boat began leveling out and Ronnie could relax his grip on the hand hold slightly.

"Current depth, 800 feet sir," the pilot called from his chair. "Very well," Ronnie responded before grabbing the microphone and checking it was still switched over to the 1MC. "Attention all stations, make reports to control on any issues observed at test depth," Ronnie said before keying off the mic. After receiving no reports back for a few moments, he looked back up to the pilot and called out, "Pilot, make your depth three hundred feet, continue on course three-one-zero."

"Make my depth three-hundred feet, continue course three-one-zero. Pilot, aye," the man called before pulling back on his control to bring the ship back up. Ronnie looked over at the captain with a slight sigh of relief, "She handles pretty well at depth, sir."

"She should, Lieutenant, she's brand new," Lewes said. "And has the best crew."


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