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Meeting the family

Posted on 04 Jun 2022 @ 2:15pm by Lieutenant Commander Ciara Mcclellandi & Chief Warrant Officer 2 Kemo Paahao & Sofia Roselli
Edited on on 06 Jun 2022 @ 4:30pm

Episode: Our Path
Location: The Bangor Plaza Ballroom

The party was fun, was the unofficial verdict. The Engineering officer and her partner had been just chatting with various people, from various departments. Sofia had met a Petty officer in weapons, who knew as much about British history as she did.

"I swear " Ciara sighed.


"A debate about the Jacobite uprising at dinner, you don't make things dull."

"It's not my fault Foster there was a history buff."

"Ok ;point." Ciara shrugged, "Just please don't start debating the Abdication crisis."

"Spoilsport. They walked along seeing who else they'd bump in to

Kemo stood, back to the wall doing lateral lifts with a twin in each of his hands, their bib overalls knotted in his hands, saying. "You've got to work your lats. Do squats. Pump up. Be strong like bull," in a really Arnold Schwarzenegger impression. His eldest daughter was astride his shoulders giggled and had a hold of his ears as he eased down with first his left leg, then his right, still holding the twins extended out to his sides.

Giggling, Tricia shook her head even as she filmed and said, "OK governator...probably should put them down before you drop them, Kemo.

"Never," Kemo declared in mock seriousness. "Drop? NOoooo. I am too strong." Glancing about, he saw Ciara and Sofia pause as they passed and he grinned. "Why hello Commander and plus one. Either of you feel the need to get a few reps in?"

"I could use an arm workout." Ciara chuckled remembering playing with her nephews at that age. Kieran's sons were now playing peewee football and growing like weeds.

"I always thought bowling was a better option, they can pick up those spares." Sofia responded, then extended her hand, "Hello, Sofia Roselli, Ciara's plus one. Pleased to meet you."

Dropping her phone into a back pocket, Tricia turned to the two and said, "Patricia Paahao, please call me Tricia." Smiling she cast a hand toward her husband and brood. "That's Kemo of course. The Twins are Mattao and Natalie: so, Matty and Nattie. And that's Elizabeth, or Lizzy, trying to pull Kemo's ears off."

Kemo yelped as his eldest gave an experimental tug at his ear and looked disapprovingly at his wife, "You had to give her ideas," he said, as he purposely started to lean back, causing Lizzy to squeal and grab at his head.

Slowly kneeling, Kemo lowered the twins to their bellies, then reached up and grabbed Lizzy by the waist, lifted her up over his head and sat her on her feet. He was abruptly gang tackled by the children, the twins going for a leg each while LIzzy wrapped her arms around his neck. Chuckling, he stood, lifting her up and then slowly began walking about, saying, "Autobots. Engage." The children giggled and Lizzy was hugging his neck tight.

Tricia smiled after them as the giggling robot stalked back and forth and turned her gaze back to Ciara and Sophia. "They know deployment is coming up and we leave soon. So they're like leeches. Especially when they can show him off. Did you two enjoy the party?"

"Yes we did." Sofia spoke for the two of them. "A great spread and it's been nice meeting all the people Ciara talks about."

Doing his slow stalk by, the children giggling, Kemo glanced at Sofia and said. "Uh oh. Good stories or bad stories?"

"Good stories." Sofia chuckled, "What I can understand of them, then again I'm the professor she's the engineer."

"Bah, it's all semantics and antics down in the engine room," Kemo grinned. "Though I do kinda miss the walking poker games in Japan. The chief would deal hands to everyone at the start of the watch and we'd walk around with cards in our pocket all day long and at the end of the day, whoever had the best hand could leave early. Pot was five bucks a day and at the end of the week Chief Walker would buy several cases of beer and put money away for Easter Seals."

Lizzy's ears perked up and she tugged on his collar,"Daddy daddy. I want a Seal. Please!!!"

"Not that kind of seal," Kemo told her with a grin. "And don't say that too loud or we're likely to get some Dev Group jokers in here with bunny ears."

"OOOO," Lizzy enthused. "I'd rather have a bunny. Can I have a bunny Daddy."

Casting a look at Tricia, Kemo said. "Your daughter." As he went back to trudging and explaining to Lizzy why she really didn't need a bunny after the hamster incident.

Shaking her head, Tricia said to Sophia and Ciara. "She wants every animal. She'll either be a Vet or force Kemo to buy her a zoo, I think."

"Well if you do go the zoo route, I know a good ferrier." Ciara had to respond. Which made Sofia smack her arm gently

"You are not helping."

Smiling at Ciara, Tricia asked. "A ferrier? Do you have horses? I used to ride when I was a teenager and into college."

"I used to earn extra money helping my neighbor on his ranch. " Ciara explained, "That and a couple amateur rodeos, barrel racing and some bronco riding. "

"I rode both dressage and western in college, and continued with polo and hunt until the little ones and career took all my time," Tricia replied, a distant look gathering in her eyes. "I miss the horses but there's no time any more. Maybe when they get older," she finished. "And Kemo isn't moving around so much."

She shook her head after a moment and smiled again, "We did go riding while Kemo was posted in Pearl. Hawaii's beautiful to ride in and getting Kemo on a horse was funny..."

"I bet." Ciara replied. "Though if I can find a place to ride for a day around here I will absolutely let you know, been a while since I was on a horse."

"Oh," Tricia said smiling. "That would be lovely. The children and I will be heading back to DC soon, but it would be nice to find someplace to ride again." Glancing at her brood, she chuckled, "Though it may open a whole new can of worms..." Tricia paused to check her watch and sighed, "And speaking of them, we probably should get them back so they get to sleep at a decent time. They've had a full day."

Smiling then at Ciara and Sofia, she said. "It's been nice meeting you both."

Sofia smiled and everyone shook hands, "It's been a pleasure to meet you both."


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