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Arizona Arriving

Posted on 09 Mar 2022 @ 12:29pm by Lieutenant Ronnie Broward & Commander Nathan Lewes

Episode: E1: A Historic Voyage
Location: CO's Stateroom
Timeline: Date 2025-04-14 at 1300

"Arizona Arriving!" was announced across the 1MC, the boat wide announcing circuit. "Duty Officer your presence is requested in the CO's stateroom." The weapons switch appeared to have been completed with only six weapons to change out it wouldn't take all day and as his stomach grumbled having arrived late with no food on the plane due to turbulence he was starving but anxious to get back to his boat.

Having checked in with the Petty Officer of the Watch at the gangway he had the Duty Officer, now Lieutenant Broward, report to his stateroom so he could get the latest status update from him. .

Lewes had been going through a lot with the family his marriage in trouble and his son in some trouble with the local authorities. Luckily things seemed to be straightening out and he looked forward to the first real operation of the boat even if it were just a PR stunt. He didn't agree with the waste of the resource but he was looking forward to the trip itself.

He left his personal items on the pier which would be brought to his stateroom by a few enlisted personnel under the supervision of the POOW. He took his keys from his pocket and unlocked his stateroom door and proceeded inside latching it open. A glance down the corridor he noticed a steward in the wardroom.

"Gates! Can I get a coffee and a sandwich of some sort brought to my stateroom please?" he asked.

"You got it, Captain, welcome back," the CS said disappearing from sight.

He opened up his laptop and hit the power button and pulled his CAC from his pocket putting it down on the desk and the removed his cover and hung it on the hook on the bulkhead by the desk. He turned when the Duty Officer arrived.

"Mr. Broward, come in and have a seat," he ordered. "Status report please."

Ronnie entered the stateroom and sat in the proffered seat as he pulled his notebook from his pocket. "Welcome back, sir. I hope you enjoyed your leave," he said as he flipped through the notebook to find the right page. "Weapons loadout has been completed with no issues to report. All personnel have been accounted for. Boat's been fairly quiet this watch," he said as he closed the notebook and returned it to his pocket, "It's good to have you back sir."

“Thanks, and glad that’s all squared away. Has the provisioning been schedule yet? I assume within the next few days.” He had not gone through the OPORD with no computer to do so nor had he let the XO go into much detail during his leave.

"Yes sir, It's scheduled for tomorrow according to the CHOP," Ronnie replied. He remembered the date because it had been posted on the watch board by Lieutenant Castillo.

"Very well," the Captain said. "Will you need to supplement the supply staff, or has that already been taken care of." The XO was very efficient as were the other officer the likelihood of him being the first to bring that up was pretty low. "How far into the operation have you gotten chart wise?" he asked.

"I've already assigned an extra detail to assist, I figured the more hands the smoother the operation. I've also charted the first half of our route to New York. The XO was going to finalize the route and prepare the navigation reports for your review sir," Ronnie replied, "I'm currently working on the second leg from New York to Hawaii including our stop in Norfolk and our transit of the Panama Canal. I'll have a rough course plotted by COB today, sir."

"Sounds good," the Captain said, with a nod.

With that the XO, LCDR Watts, appeared in the doorway to the stateroom nodding to both officers when they turned to see who had arrived. "Morning Captain, welcome back. L-T."

"XO, good to see you," he said, nodding and then looking to Broward. "'I'll let you get back to your charts I'd like to have everything plotted by Wednesday."

"Aye sir," Ronnie said as he stood and nodded a greeting to the XO before he exited the Captain's stateroom.


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