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Shoot to thrill

Posted on 23 Feb 2022 @ 1:46pm by Lieutenant Commander Ciara Mcclellandi & Petty Officer First Class Rebecca Robinson
Edited on on 23 Feb 2022 @ 2:18pm

Episode: E1: A Historic Voyage
Location: Kitsap Gun club WA
Timeline: Date 2025-04-12 at 1100

After the night out Ciara figured today she'd get some range time, it was a way she could relax, having handled guns since she was 8 years old,. She started out shooting jackrabbits, when she was 12 she took a feral hog and even helped her father in one of his illicit deer hunts when they were tight on funds.

Her range back was simple and in it she had, not the issue Baretta 9mm but the old fashioned 1911 Colt she had purchased on leave from the Academy, it rested in her nightstand, next to a big .357 revolver which she also had in her range bag, with ammunition and ear protection. She had a grey cap on, and sunglasses. Heading to the elevator she tucked some loose hair behind her ear and waited to get to the first floor.

Rebecca had been on duty for many hours and she was glad to have the next few days off. She decided to go do some shooting. She had loved weapons since she was younger and had competed in competition shooting at a young age with many medals and trophies. She didn’t talk to much about her past, but it wasn’t that she was ashamed no one asked her. She had grabbed her arsenal out of her apartment which was secured by a safe that most would question.

Donning her backpack, duffel bag, and multiple gun case she headed for the elevator getting some weird looks. She was donned in her black tactical outfit with Tac boots and her black sunglasses on her head. She had straightened her hair and looked much more serious. The elevator door opened and to her surprise she saw Ciara looking at her.

She smiled “Hi Ciara!” She said as she re adjusted the strap on her shoulder.

"Hey Rebecca," The two had met one day in the lobby and were social, but obviously work was work, but off work they were more casual, "Are you planning world war 3 or do we have a similar idea involving some trigger time."

Rebecca chuckled "It looks like I am preparing for war, but no I am just going for some outdoor range time. I was planning to go to a club I am apart of to shoot. Looks like you was planning to go shoot would you like to join me?"

"Sounds like a good idea, We can take my truck, save gas." Ciara suggested. The silver pickup she had purchased after her first at sea deployment, going in to the dealer and paying cash straight up . "Plus more room to fit stuff in the back.'

Rebecca looked and smirked " I was going to suggest the same thing but with my truck. I don't mind regardless it will just be nice to have some company. I'll even let you shoot some of my guns if you want to do so."

"Sounds fun." She paused, "Let's take your truck, I have to change the oil anyway." Then she paused, "I brought some pistols, and a couple rifles, lever action 357 and a 12 gauge."

Rebecca nodded as they reached the garage “Alright, it’s right over here.”

She pointed the blacked out Ram 3500 Cummins Turbo Diesel and hoisted her cases and bags into the back of the truck covered by a Tonno cover. “I have my 45 caliber handgun among others including my Barrett 50 caliber and Springfield Hellion.”

"Good lord, I haven't seen a Barrett outside of the Academy,and even that was an optional course I took." She set her cases in the bed of the truck, "If I'm going to get some trigger time on that 50, let me at least buy ammo for it, it's only fair after all."

Rebecca looked at her for a second “That’s not necessary I have plenty of ammunition, but I’ll make you a counter proposal buy lunch today and that will be fine. That way you still feel like your contributing I don’t want you to pay for those bullets.” She said as she started the vehicle. “Make yourself at home. The truck has air conditioned seats if you want it on.”

She shook her head, "I'm good with the seats, as for lunch, deal. You pick the place."

Rebecca thought as she drove "How about the Texas Roadhouse! I good steak sounds delicious. If you don't mind the hour drive to Bremerton."

"A little drive isn't bad, and steak sounds like a good way to finish up."

Rebecca nodded and headed for the Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club. After a short drive from the apartment and the bits of minor traffic they arrived to the club. Rebecca looked at her passenger “You ready for some fun? You are with me so don’t worry I can have a guest, but if you want to apply show your military ID. They give quite a decent discount to us.” She said as she proudly donned her USS Arizona hat and winked.

"I'll remember that." She chuckled, and showed her Navy ID at the gate. When they were passed in she looked over the grounds, it was pretty well put together, several lanes some designed for long range, some for pistol, it also looked like they had clay traps, and some areas for more tactical shooting. "Nice place."

Rebecca smiled as she grabbed all of her bags and headed for the spot designated for long range. She pulled the Barrett out of the metal case and set it up for Ciara. "Would you like to give it a shot?"

"No pun intended." Ciara settled in behind the large rifle. She loaded one round in to the box magazine which she then set in to place, and with a heavy 'chunk' sound she chambered the round and settled the scope on the target. Taking a breath she exhaled as she squeezed the trigger and heard the heavy boom of the round as the rifle kicked in to her shoulder. "Damn that's fun."

Rebecca smiled "I have more toys you might want to try, but first let's have a bit of a competition see who shoots better."


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