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The Maple Syrup Terrorist

Posted on 06 Jan 2022 @ 11:56pm by Lieutenant (N) Rhys Finch & Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Watts

Episode: E1: A Historic Voyage
Location: Naval Station Kitsap, Gate
Timeline: Date 2025-04-07 at 1200

Seaman Edward Thorton had promoted just the Friday before leaving work and was proud to now be an E3 after just six months of service in the United States Navy. He was enjoying his assignment at Naval Base Kitsap hoping to go to A-School to be a Machinist Mate and serve in the submarine service but for now gate duty was his mission in life. He saw the car with the peculiar license plate and when the window came down and he saw the driver in a naval uniform that wasn't quite right he immediately was suspicious his assault rifle tipping a bit as he nudged it with his hand.

"Identification," he demanded.

Lieutenant Finch couldn't help it but a large grin crept on his face at the Seaman's suspicion. It wasn't often that a vehicle with a Canada license plate pulled up to the gate, "I'm Leftenant Rhys Finch, Royal Canadian Navy, Submarine Service. I'm presently on loan to the United States Navy. I'm now going to reach out into my back pocket and grab my identification cards for you now."

"Slowly," SN Thorton said, for good measure as he eyed the man. He couldn't even pronounce lieutenant correctly.

The Lieutenant reached into his back pocket grabbing his wallet. He pulled out his Canadian Forces Identification Card, his Common Access Card and reached into his front pocket for his Passport. He directed them to the SN, "Here."

He shifted through the various documents stopping for a third time at Finch's CAC, it was clearly fake, "pull up to the inspection area." He said, moving to a small panel alongside of his gate and hitting a round yellow button. It changed the status of the gate and notified the supervisor that he was initiating a vehicle or more in depth ID check. He waved the Canadian to an area to the right of the gate that had a clearing away from traffic.

"Sure thing," Rhys replied and nodded his head and pulled the sedan through to the gate and pulled it aside into the inspection area and turned the vehicle into park.

Thorton followed Finch and his vehicle over to the pull off and approached the driver window, "can you please turn the car off."

Rhys nodded his head as he turned off the ignition.

"Thank you, it'll be a moment," the gate guard said, another seaman who was just as junior joined them. The second sailor said nothing just stood at the ready at the front of Finch's vehicle his hands on his weapon ready to move it from the neutral sling position it currently was in across his chest. Thorton approached the second guard and they had a conversation which turned a bit tense before Thorton approached the car again.

"The submarine service? You're on loan?" the SN asked, skeptically

The Canadian Lieutenant observed the Seaman walking from the guard station back to the window of his government-issued 2024 Chevrolet Malibu in a matte dark blue. He nodded his head respectfully, "Yes Seaman. To the Arizona."

"The Arizona," he said, he knew that was a submarine at the base. He had heard they were going to be doing some reenactment of a famous journey. He thought all submarines were cool but he was hoping to get on one of the SSGNs where he could be involved in whatever the Navy SEALs did or maybe one of those Seawolf class submarines nobody seemed to be able to tell him about. They seemed to always be shrouded in such mystery.

"Excuse me," he said, walking back toward the guard shack.

About twenty-five minutes later another car came from inside of the base, it was an older model VW Jetta that was ridiculously bright red in color. It was in fact LCDR Watt's personal car that the Canadian would recognize from the XO's parking spot by the dock. With only the department heads and COB being afforded parking near the ship everyone else forced to walk from one of the many secured parking lots. The 2007 Jetta had been a present on her sixteenth birthday from her Grandfather who was proud of his Granddaughter especially with her plans to join the submarine service as he, his two sons, and his brother had.

The annoyed look about the Executive Officer of the Arizona as she got out of her car, which was parked nosed on to his now, was quite evident. She had her coveralls on and she pulled out her CAC card and approached Thorton displaying it before returning it to her pocket. There were some loud words from the Executive Officer before the second guard moved quickly toward the guard shack at the gate and a spooked Thorton stood to the side so as if the vehicles could pass unbothered.

Watts approached the vehicle and knelt down to look inside the official vehicle of the Canadian Royal Navy, "I heard something about a Maple Syrup Terrorist at the gate and I had to come check it out for myself."

Finch had recognized the vehicle as it pulled up to the gatehouse. He tried to keep a serious deadpan expression, "We take our maple syrup very seriously in Canada..." the Canadian's face shifted into a smile, "Welcome back home, XO. How was Her Majesty, Leftenant-commander?"

"It was stressful but good," Liz said, honestly. "I'll meet you back on the boat, going to have a chat with the security supervisor first. After you get your gear settled aboard why don't you come find me in my stateroom?" she suggested.

"Thank you, XO. I'll report in as soon as I'm settled."


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