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School days

Posted on 02 Sep 2022 @ 1:32pm by Chief Petty Officer Samantha Gibbons

Episode: E1: A Historic Voyage
Location: Honolulu, HI
Timeline: Date 2025-04-22 at 0730

Sam stood outside the high school, this was her senior year. She already had her life planned out and really didn't feel that this was necessary. Everyone else, however, stated that it was so here she was. Seeing her best friend Mattie, she walked up "Well, we're back." She said with a wry smile as the two girls walked up to the front of the building "I really hope that my locker is not next to Daphne, I don't think I can take the perfume and boys hanging out there all the time." Sam said as they walked toward their assigned lockers. She knew that Mattie was on the one side of her, but had no idea who was on the other side.

Getting to their destination, Sam's face as she saw Daphne standing at the locker directly next to hers. She and Daphne had been in school since kindergarten, Sam hadn't liked her then and didn't care for her today either. She was too fake for Sam's taste. She would say and do anything to get with one of the football players and unbeknownst to Daphne, most of the football players saw her as some sort of conquest, they didn't respect her for her brilliant brain or any of there other talents, just a conquest.

Walking over, Daphne started gushing about how Sam looked with the summer tan and well toned body. Sam gave her a smile and thanked her. She gave some off handed compliment to Daphne that seemed to appease her for the moment and allowed Sam to get her stuff squared away and head for her first class. As she and Mattie walked "This is going to be a long year if I have to stand next to her all the damn time." She muttered as they arrived at their Physics class just in time to grab their seats before the tardy bell rang.


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