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No More Teachers, No More Books

Posted on 08 Sep 2022 @ 11:35am by Lieutenant William Orr & Game Manager Stephen

Episode: E1: A Historic Voyage
Location: Phone Call
Timeline: Date 2025-05-01 at 1300

BoeingCo Testing Facility
Huntington Beach, CA

Dave Shaw, Boeing project manager, gloomily stared at the project list and the roster, trying to squeeze more out of the people that had shown up for work. The office phone rang and he glared at it, moodily wondering who was going to further mess up his day and momentarily wondering if he should just let it go to voice mail.

But then he gave in and picked up the line, "Bay 3. Shaw here. What can I do for you?"

"Good afternoon, Lieutenant William Orr please," the female voice said, on the other end of the line.

Grunting, Shaw was tempted to tell her he'd died, just to see what would happen but he said. "Yeah. Ok. He's on the bay floor. Hold on."

The sound of voices and tools filled the large bay, the hard surfaces bouncing the noise back back and forth, causing it all to be regulated to a din which filled the air. It all sounded like progress to Lieutenant William Tell Orr as he stood, looking at a monitor/computer cluster hooked by a cable as thick as his wrist to the latest BoeingCo's, Orca: the diesel powered deep water autonomous submersible the Navy had brought online in recent years.

William's thesis on turning the Orca as a delivery platform for both a reconnaissance and weapons delivery platform had been submitted last week. He was waiting to defend the paper, but all in all he was happy with how it had turned out. The ability of the Orca to be remotely placed in deep water concealment for an extended purpose and brought out to launch it's own remote vehicle to provide an eye in the sky had many applications, especially in the special warfare fields.

His research at the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey California included hands-on work. The Orca was the largest drone sub the US Navy had considered adding to their fleet and it had gone back and forth for years as appropriations and needs of the service issues went back and forth.

Wil's special interest had been in Naval weapons systems, mainly what had once been known as Smart weapons. His keen interest in such that it had gotten him a berth on the USS North Dakota once he had finished his preliminary schools and qualified for submarine service. Now, clad in a smock wearing eye goggles, he smirked at himself. "Almost like you know what you're doing," he muttered to himself, knowing no one could hear his musings over the din.

A voice did pierce the hum of activity and the second time Dave Shaw's voice yelled his name, it registered and he looked around. The job foreman was waiving at him from the bay's suspended office area and indicating he had a phone call.

Locking his work station, Tell carefully navigated his way through the chaotically organized bay and mounted the steps up to the office. Slipping through the door, he pulled the plastic glasses from his face as Shaw said, "Phone for you. Doesn't sound like one of your normal chica's. And she asked for you with your rank. I'm going to go troll the teams."

Tell gave the man a grin and said, "Don't be too hard on them Mr. Shaw. We all want to see her swim."

Shaw grunted and walked through the door, not responding to the comment.

With the sounds of the bay muffled, Tell moved over to sit on the desk's edge and picked up the handset. "Hello Ma'am. Lieutenant Orr here," he said, deciding to play it safe and assume it was someone Navy.

"Hello Lieutenant, this is Lieutenant Commander Karen Thomas, I am one of the personnel officers at COMSUBPAC. We have you coming to an end of an educational program. We've had an immediate operational opening and if you are able to deploy we have an assignment for you," the personnel officer explained.

Tell's brow furrowed as he took that in. His land tour wasn't supposed to be over for a few months, but..."Yes Commander. All I have left is defending the thesis and they haven't set a date." Then he grinned and said, "I'm all yours."

"The USS Arizona is in need of a new weapons officer the original ended up having a medical emergency. We need you in New York City to report aboard... they are expected to arrive on the ninth so if we can get you there by the eighth that would be best," she said.

"I hope the officer is alright," Tell said to give him a few beats to get his mind turning. "That gives me a week," Tell remarked throughtfully, his mind starting to churn. "Yes ma'am. I can make it, when can I expect my travel orders to be cut?" He asked carefully, keeping his tone unassuming.

“We will send them over to the duty officer at the NPS, you should expect them within the hour. If there’s anything I can do to assist I will email you my contact information to your navy email,” the officer said.

"Sounds like I have enough to start. I'll start making notifications. Thank you for the notification," Tell said as the call ended and his mind began churning.

He had a lot to do and none of it included finishing work on the ORCA. Glancing through the office windows, he slumped into a desk chair and began thumbing through his phone.


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