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A New Assignment

Posted on 10 Sep 2022 @ 11:09pm by Ensign Leonie Tate & Game Manager Stephen

Episode: E1: A Historic Voyage
Location: Naval Submarine School, Groton, CT
Timeline: Date 2025-05-01 at 1300

The latest class from US Naval Submarine School's Basic Submarine Officer Course was set to graduate first thing tomorrow morning. The students were preparing for departure with many opting to spend time with family who may have traveled in for the small graduation ceremony. The students had been cut for the day until they needed to report back in the morning to prepare for the ceremony.

One of the duty officers entered the room after knocking on the open door, her roommate having already departed it was just her and the Lieutenant Junior Grade Bennett in the room.

"Ensign Tate," he said, "I need you to report to the Executive Officer's office immediately."

"Yes, Sir," Leonie said. She set the t-shirt she had just folded, a perfect square, on top of its companions in her seabag and turned immediately. "On my way." Once out of a sight of the lieutenant, she took a second to make sure that she was squared away because that was one of the things that had been drilled into her practically from birth. Never go anywhere looking less than your best. The academy had just amplified her concern but at the same time, invested a reason that made sense to her.

The Executive Officer, Commander Kholm, a second generation Russian-American who grew up speaking the language of his motherland first had mastered both that and English and went on to graduate from the US Naval Academy. His family had a great history in the Russian Navy for generations in all of the forms that the government had taken. He wanted to honor that tradition though with his parents moving to the United States prior to his birth he would follow the tradition into the American branch of the family.

The Commander's door was open and he was inside working on some notes on a yellow legal pad with a large binder open beside it. There was a steaming mug on the desk on a coaster near the computer monitor the desk was a bit of a mess.

The door was open and so, Leonie knocked on the frame and waited for permission to enter. Her parents always spoke of making an entrance, the navy just expected decorum and procedure in pretty much everything. Different rules but still, a regimen. Only this one was one she had chosen for herself.

Kholm looked up when he heard the knock and when he saw the face he didn't recognize her but assumed it was the Ensign he'd called for, "enter."

"Ensign Tate? Have a seat," he said, motioning toward a seat before she had a chance to do the whole attention and reporting as ordered thing. Life in the military became way more relaxed once you were actually at a unit but in a training command and with her as a student all of the attention to detail and following military courtesy to the letter was often expected.

"Yes, Sir," Leonie said as she slid into the seat. "Thank you." She perched on the edge of the chair, feet flat on the floor, hands folded in her lap, and a part of her itched to sit an angle with her knees together and her legs crossed at the ankles because some lessons just refused to be irradicated from her brain no matter how hard she tried.

"We have a change in your initial assignment," Kholm said, his english slightly accented. "There was an unexpected personnel change and there is need for a junior officer aboard the USS Arizona. They are currently on their way to New York under the ice pack.. so you'll meet them there," the commander explained. "This will be a replacement so you'll be with them for the full tour it is not temporary."

"How long before they're expected to arrive," Leonie asked. Decorum even when your orders change at the last minute along with all the tentative plans you had been making. She waited quietly, because that's what you did when you were in a senior officer's presence, while resisting the urge to fidget. In the days when her movie star parents had maintained rigid control over her life, fidgeting had been one of her small acts of defiance. Being an adult, choosing her own path, meant a reexamination of those parts of herself. The discipline and training she'd received in the navy had helped her in that regard. Fidgeting, well, that was one of the last to go. Hardest to eradicate.

"They are expected to arrive on the ninth. Which to get you from here to New York won't be hard. We will keep you here in bachelor officer quarters after graduation and until the eighth where we will stick you on a train. We'll have you at a hotel until the submarine arrives and you can report aboard... this way you can make any arrangements you need for your personal belongings or housing due to the change," Kholm told her. He couldn't remember what her first assignment was after the school but there was a fair chance she wasn't intending on going to an assignment based in Kitsap.

She listened as the Commander threw the proverbial wrench into her plans but that was part of the deal. Adapt, she told herself firmly. How bad can it be. "Sir, where is the Arizona's home port? So, I can begin working on housing arrangements and all."

"The Arizona's homeport is Naval Station Kitsap--Bangor in Washington," the LCDR told her. "Nice base, nice area, carry an umbrella in the mornings."

She unbent enough to chuckle lightly because she hadn't really understood rain, being from California, until going to school on the east coast. "I'll put in on my list of purchases then," Leonie said her mouth quirking upward slightly on one side. "Will there be anything else, Sir?" Now that she wasn't going anywhere anytime soon, there was some researching to do and a place to find and hard on the heels of that came another thought. I'm going to have to tell my parents and Washington state is way too close to California for comfort. Good thing they're overseas filming at the moment. The worst they can do is stick Barry on me.

“We will have quarters for you within a couple of hours and you should have official orders cut tomorrow. Travel arrangements to New York and any shipping of your belongings can be handled and arranged before you depart and while the Arizona is in New York. Check with the duty officer in a couple hours for your quarters and if you have no questions you can go.”

"No questions, Sir," Leonie said as she moved smoothly to her feet. "Thank you."


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