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Code Red

Posted on 05 Jul 2022 @ 9:55am by Commander Nathan Lewes & Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Watts & Petty Officer First Class Caleb Doyle & Petty Officer Second Class Tyler Hoff & Lieutenant Commander Ciara Mcclellandi & Lieutenant Ronnie Broward & Lieutenant Isabel Castillo & Chief Warrant Officer 2 Kemo Paahao & Command Master Chief Petty Officer Hector Gonzales & Chief Petty Officer Samantha Gibbons & Petty Officer First Class Rebecca Robinson & Lieutenant (N) Rhys Finch & Senior Chief Petty Officer Benjamin Adler

Episode: E1: A Historic Voyage
Location: Goat Locker & Laundry
Timeline: Date 2025-04-22 at 0815

The captain knocked on the door of the goat locker, red ball cap in his right hand, ready to get up to some mischief. Slung over his right shoulder was a bag full of red tube lighting and other various things to place it in various positions and secure it.

"Captain requesting permission to enter," he announced, knocking a second time.

Hector heard the second knock and the captain's. He had been enjoying a cup of coffee and chatting with the other chiefs. As the COB, he was the most senior in the goat locker so he gave the response, "Permission granted captain," he said as he stood at attention along with the other chiefs.

When he was given the go ahead CDR Lewes stepped into the goat locker into what was like the miniature ward room for the chiefs aboard the boat. The COB was there working and there were a few chiefs coming off the previous watch or just preparing for the day in general working at coffee and breakfast.

"Morning COB, want to go start a fire with me?" CDR Lewes asked, a mischievous grin on his face. Of course they wouldn't actually be starting a fire instead they would be rigging up a fake one with the lights to simulate a response. "I think someone messed up doing the laundry."

"Good morning sir," Hector replied before spying the gear and the grin on the CO's face. He returned the grin with a nod. "Yes sir, you know how difficult those laundry machines can be to operate for some of the newbies," he said as went over to his personal locker and grabbed his own red ball cap from within. He then followed the CO out of the room and down the passageway.

It was about 08:45, which was 45 minutes into the current watch section being on, and he wondered if anyone was on to him besides the chiefs who were present in the goat locker and sworn to secrecy. They had rigged up some lights around the laundry and had the ability to activate some of them with remote. The two most experienced sailors on the submarine wearing their red training observation hats, indicating to ignore their presence, were ready to cause problems.

Lifting the sound powered phone that hung by the hatch to the laundry Lewes lifted the phone and dialed the bridge, "CONN, Laundry. Code Red Code Red!"

Ciara had just picked up the phone when she heard the announcement, "Laundry, CONN, Confirmed Code Red." With that she dialed the 1mc for the announcement.

"Code Red, Code Red Code Red midships, top level Laundry Section." Then she sounded the alert gong.

Once she made the announcement and the alert began to blare she began giving the orders, "Pilot, take us up to mast depth." She then moved over and cut the power to the electric systems in the laundry then made another announcement, "Code Red, Power cut Midships top level laundry section."

"Mast depth, aye," Hoff responded from the pilot's seat.

While Ciara got the watch standers in control moving, Isabel was departing the conn for damage control central. The Captain's cabin acted in this function and she made a beeline there, twisting her shoulders to the side to glide past anyone moving in a different direction.

In engineering LTJG Thomas Foster was on his first deployment out of sub-school. He was going to check his e-mails and hoped his girlfriend had e-mailed him back when he heard the announcement. First of the Code Red, then the ENG's voice calling out to cut power.

Until relieved he was in charge and gave the orders, hoping the tremor in his voice wasn't too noticeable. "Cut power to Laundry section top section midship."

"Aye sir." One of the Petty officers moved off. Then Foster continued, with the orders.

"Prepare engines for snorkle and cut ventilation."

"Aye sir, " Then a brief second and response came, Sir power cut to Laundry Top section, midship. " There was a brief pause, then a second voice, "Sir, Engine rigged for snorkle, and ventilation cut."

He then made the required announcements to the CONN, which Ciara dutifully passed on.

Ronnie was in his quarters going over his routine paperwork for the morning. He had been checking over the qualifications of his people and identifying areas of focus for his junior sailors when he heard the announcement over the 1MC. The call of fire got his heart rate going, and he knew he was close to the area. He jumped up and grabbed his personal radio from it's charger. He paused to grab his personal smoke hood from its place before throwing it around his neck and heading towards the area. He knew there would need to be an officer in charge of the damage control team, and since he was not on watch and close to the area, he would fulfil that role. On his way, he stopped by the nearest DC locker where members of the response team were donning their firefighting gear. He snagged a set of turnout gear and threw it on before strapping on a SCBA. He tuned his radio to the DC channel before speaking into it, "This is Lieutenant Broward, show me as OIC for DC party."

In the galley, Sam heard the code red call, and immediately began preparing her damage control team and securing the galley for action, the junior officers began clearing tables in case the area was needed for wounded. Sam ordered NE Stevens to mind the cake that was baking in the oven. She secured the cook tops where lunch was being prepared. Once the galley was secured, Sam picked up the sound powered phone and notified CONN that the galley was secured and ready to receive wounded.

Kemo looked up from supervising basic maintenance on the overhead buffering when the Code came in. Stepping back he glanced around Engineering and called out. "Alright. Secure whatever you're doing and set the fire watch. Don't leave dunnage about for anyone to trip over. Keep your wits. Remember, in an emergency, slow is fast. Take your time in a hurry and don't add to a problem."

Voicing something he was always telling the watch was meant to reassure and steady everyone. Kemo moved forward as some of his DC crew began assembling and partially donning turnouts, and he joined them. Grabbing a ready bag of his own, he unzipped it and stepped into the boots, pulling the pants up and securing the suspenders before stepping out. He pulled a balaclava around his neck and then turned back to survey the rest of engineering, not looking at his DC crew. "Standard setup. Get out a line and tools and prepare to move forward to engage a secondary fire or to back up the laundry crew if something goes south."

Carefully stepping out of the bag and sliding it up against the storage rack and out of the way, he walked back towards the back of engineering, visually inspecting everything as he went.

Rhys had been in the officer's wardroom studying before he heard the Code Red. He rose quickly and abandoned his personal items immediately while he heard over the 1MC the location of the fire he made his way. He wasn't certain if this was a drill, he lived through a fire on a submarine twice, once on the Chico and another on the Corner Brook that resulted in significant downtime in Allied controlled oversea ports.

Rebecca was at her post looking through the lines of data she had to interpret. She almost jumped when she heard the alarm. She wasn’t sure if this was a drill or not, but she knew how serious a fire was on the submarine. She immediately got up and made sure her station was covered before heading for the fires location ready to don the appropriate gear if she was asked too. It wasn’t a comfortable job, but it was important and that’s why mattered most.

The CHOP was into the Captain's stateroom and pulling down the requisite pieces of equipment as quickly as her limbs could get the actions in place. Her heart raced. While this was likely a drill there was, in all instances, a chance it was not and with that came the surge of adrenaline that powered her actions, kicking muscle memory into high gear. Picking up the radio set aside for damage control central she checked to confirm it was set to the correct channel. The voice of the NAV filled the air of the room as Ronnie confirmed himself OIC for the DC party addressing the fire.

Opening the line on her own walkie she responded, "This is Lieutenant Castillo confirming damage control central is established in Captain's stateroom. Acknowledged Lieutenant Broward is OIC for DC party." She released the button and, not setting it down, moved to pull down the simplified schematics used to help direct the damage control parties.

Meanwhile in the Laundry the COB and the CO positioned themselves so that they could see the full response of the crew and activate the other equipment simulating smoke and fire aboard the submarine.

Hector watched as one of the enlisted crew entered the compartment carrying a portable extinguisher and began simulating hitting the affected area. Shortly after, he was relieved by another crewman who quickly donned his EAB and secured his air line and simulated extinguishing the fire. The response time had been fast, but the real test would be how soon the firefighting team could get the simulated water into the compartment.

Ronnie neared the compartment as he saw the initial responding crewman exit with his portable extinguisher. Turning to his firefighting team, he motioned for them to enter as he stepped aside to let them pull the firehose into the area. "Pressurize the hose," Ronnie called echoing the order from inside the compartment. He watched the hose swell with water as he stood back to allow the firefighting team don their SCBAs. When they were finished, he motioned them to enter the compartment.

With a click of a remote in the Captain's hand another section of red lights lit up. He looked at his stopwatch impatiently feeling as though orders were not coming fast enough.

"XO to Damage Control Central, I am on the scene assuming command," Liz announced via her radio before she attached her SCBA mask and entered the laundry.

"Report!" Liz yelled, to Broward who appeared to be the most senior officer at the scene so far.

Rhys heard Liz's yelling and quickly made his entrance into the vicinity.

Rebecca entered the room and saw the drill set up she immediately got ready in case she was called to assist, but in the meantime she could only sit there and wait.

Ronnie watched as the second set of lights came on adjacent to the initial spot. He tapped the right shoulder of the individual supporting the hose indicating which side the fire had spread too. As the taps passed up the hose crew, he saw them adjust their simulated spray to include the the new spot. Hearing his name, Ronnie turned and saw the XO who had just donned her SCBA. He pointed to the area where the fire was before responding, "Fire started behind the laundry machines and has spread along the right side ma'am. Portable extinguishers ineffective, but we've just got water on it now. Electrical has been isolated." When he finished he heard the sound of his SCBA regulator as he took another breath in before he looked back towards the event. With the XO here, she would take command an issue orders, Ronnies job now became supporting his firemen in front of him.

"You are relieved," Liz announced to Broward. The Executive Officer was the on scene commander or overall commander of all damage control operations in a ship's emergency unless delegated to someone else or in a combat situation.

Kemo swept his eyes through the engineering compartments as he made another pass and checked his watch. So far the command team hadn't thrown anything else at the crew. Catching one of the senior chief's eyes, Kemo asked. "Chief Parkens, all the circuits to the laundry are isolated and tagged out of service?"

"Done and double checked, sir," Parkens confirmed as the greying, stocking man straightened from looking over the shoulders of two rating who were monitoring a series of readouts from the oxygen handling system.

"Right," Kemo continued as he looked at the panels designator and said, "Chief, this panel has stopped working. Shorted out and crewman Jaeger has burns on his hands. Localized casualty drill."

Swearing under his breath, Parkens replied. "Aye aye, sir." And he began to issue orders, calling over one of the ratings who was running through watch checklists and said. "Denton, simulate bandaging Jaeger's hands over there by the trauma kit. Be prepared to walk us through the steps you would take. Simpko," the chief said to the other, what steps would you take now?"

As Simpko began stuttering out procedures, Kemo could feel the tension in the compartment go up and nodded with satisfaction as the engineering crew began rushing about.

After a couple of minutes, Kemo glanced at his watch and told the Chief. "Take over. I'm moving forward to the laundry and get ready for overhaul. Slipping on his bunker coat and buckling into an SCBA harness, Kemo started weaving his way forward, grabbing his three man DC crew as he went. They made it to the laundry and Kemo moved carefully into the space. He tapped one sailor who seemed to be just watching on the back and said, "Your mask seal is faulty. Smoke inhalation and steam burns. Turning to another rating, he said, "Buddy up with him Shelly."

After adjusting her mask once more Liz had made entry into the laundry and moved toward the DCA, "get him out of the compartment and to the wardroom for medical," she ordered. "Where are we at?"

Glancing around, Kemo said, "Engineering section is monitoring things. I ran a small casualty event to keep them on their toes but it's all five by five. My team and I are ready to start the over-haul once all the hot spots are dealt with."

"Hit the fire low!" she said, seeing how the sailor on the nozzle was pointing and chanting that he was spraying the fire for simulation purposes. As the man adjusted one section of the red lights went out by the captain's remote work. Liz returned her attention to the DCA.

Hector watched the crew work. The initial response with the handheld extinguishers had been good but isolating the power had taken longer than he had liked. Fire was a serious hazard to the ship, and isolating electrical power would could keep a fire from potentially spreading. He leaned over and whispered slightly to the captain, "Power isolation was a little slow, sir."

"I agree, but, this our first practical drill on this underway so I expect there to be some hiccups. I'd like to know why Broward showed up to take control," the Captain said to the COB. "I wonder if he were nearby or if he came."

Once the fire was extinguished and a reflash watch was established the executive officer keyed up her radio, "Damage Control Central, XO. Fire is extinguished, reflash watch is established, scene is being turned over to Mr. Paahao to make damage assessment and effect repairs. Maintain DCC until otherwise ordered," Liz ordered.

"Acknowledged XO. Fire extinguished, reflash watch established, Mr. Paahao is taking control of the scene for damage assessment and repairs."

"CONN, XO, simulate snorkeling to ventilate," she ordered.

"XO Conn, simulate snorkeling aye." Ciara then dialed the engine room "Engine Room, Conn, simulate snorkeling to ventilate, we will raise the snorkel." A little experience working with the snorkel, without an actual fire would be a good thing

Once she recieved acknowledgement, she moved over to the monitor and used the controls to manipulate the photonic mast, area was clear, wouldn't do to damage a fishing vessel with the snorkel. "Raise the Snorkel.

"Raise the Snorkel Aye." Was the response, followed by, "Snorkel raised. " The engine room confirmed it was working and they were simulating ventilation."

"XO, CONN, snorkel raised and simulating ventilation."

"Slow XO, slow," the Captain announced. "End exercise," he said, motioning toward the XO.

"CONN, XO, announce over the 1MC End Exercise twice, secure from snorkeling and proceed to previous depth and course. Mr. Paahao will be in charge in the laundry room until all services are restored."


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