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Relationships of the Deep

Posted on 01 Jun 2022 @ 3:05pm by Jonathan Demir & Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Watts

Episode: E1: A Historic Voyage
Location: E-mail Conversation
Timeline: Date 2025-04-21 at 2200

TO: Demir, Jonathan – Ombudsman
FR: Watts, Elizabeth LCDR
RE: OP Triton #1

Date: 21 APR 25, 21:00 UTC

I know this has the potential of opening our recent conversation and decisions to the light of my colleagues and whoever else sees these messages. At least as XO I get to approve my own. Even though each time I've left you ashore it has pulled at my heart I feel like this is the worst of it all. I'd like for my rank to not be the only thing that changes in the from section of my email.

We will be transmitting and receiving personal emails as often as possible during this patrol so keep that in mind. Don't forget the numbers.

I love you.

The ding of Jon's phone sounded from the other room. The scramble of someone getting to their feet and rushing in from the other room followed immediately after. He'd taken the day off--something he wasn't very good at doing. But somewhere along the line he learned that the day she left was a day to be alone. He wasn't great company on those days and he needed the space to patch up the hurting places--the parts of his heart that left with her and wouldn't return until she did. He let himself wallow a little first, but as the day wore on he fell into the routine. Reading on the couch with his coffee and his breakfast. Watching some comedy or another. No romance allowed. Pure slapstick ridiculousness was his preferred option. Then a walk--a way to get out and stretch his legs. And then he'd end the day with her favorites from Mrs. Zhao's and Mora. A way of reminding himself of her.

He had been tempted to add beginning work to pack up her apartment to the list this time, but it felt like too much of a rush. The request and her admission of her love for him still felt new and fragile and he wanted to sit with it for a day.

Eagerly, he thumbed open the lock and then the email app on his phone, eyes lighting at the sight of her name in his inbox and quickly he read through the message. Halfway through he stopped, blinked, and nearly dropped his phone. He read it again. Then again. And another time before he closed the app and reopened it just to read it one more time. His fingers flew as he typed out a response and then, tucking the phone into his pocket, he went into his bedroom in search of the ring box he'd had tucked away for the last six years.

TO: Watts, Elizabeth LCDR
FR: Demir, Jonathan – Ombudsman
RE: OP Triton #1

Date: 21 APR 25, 14:26 PST

Blue Eyes,

When I tell you that I read your email no less than five times to make sure I had read it correctly, I am not exaggerating. If anything I am under-representing. This one has been hard. Harder than others, by degrees. But we've borne the others and we'll bear this one. Your message was a bit like a lighthouse in a storm. God, I miss you.

I'll watch for the emails. I always do.

I love you too.


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