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Eyes Only (Part I)

Posted on 13 Jun 2022 @ 10:57am by Commander Nathan Lewes & Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Watts & Lieutenant Commander Ciara Mcclellandi & Lieutenant Isabel Castillo
Edited on on 16 Jun 2022 @ 7:41pm

Episode: E1: A Historic Voyage
Location: Radio Shack & Control
Timeline: Date 2025-04-22 at 1100

"Ma'am ELF message requesting us to proceed to periscope depth to retrieve a communication," one of the two watch standers on in the small radio shack said aloud. A beeping noise began on the consoles before the two active watch standers. The Communications Officer was also in the space working on studying for her qualifications.

"Go ahead and make the call," Ensign Walton said, to the senior watch stander in the radioshack.

"Aye ma'am," the ITS2 responded lifting the microphone from its cradle and then keyed it up. "Conn, Radio."

Ciara looked up from the chart she had been reviewing and grabbed the phone, "Radio, Conn, Go ahead."

"CONN, Radio we have received notification via ELF to retrieve a broadcast. Request that we proceed to mast depth or float the radio so we can transmit email at the same time," YNS2 stated. Normally the submarine would have to go to mast depth so that they could raise the appropriate masts with the radio antenna above the water to transmit and receive. Their other option to remain at depth and deeper was to float a radio antenna buoy. In this case, however, the Captain had requested that email be transmitted and received with each broadcast so they had no choice but to go to mast depth.

"Radio, Conn" she paused, "Stand by."

Ciara then cradled the phone on her shoulder and then looked over at the captain, "Sir, Radio has an incoming ELF message and requests to proceed to mast depth or float the radio buoy." She then waited for his response

"Mast depth, we can transmit and receive email," the Captain responded. "Notify all stations."

"Aye sir." Ciara responded then picked up the headset. "Radio CONN, stand by to retrieve broadcast."

"CONN, Radio confirming personal communications as well?" the watch stander responded.

"Radio, CONN, Personal communications as well." Ciara responded.

"Roger, standing-by to retrieve the broadcast and personal communications. OPS normal." The watch stander included the last part to just make mention they'd be sending an operations normal report to COMSUBPAC as well. It would reset the timer on their expected time to the next broadcast transmission.

Then she went on the 1mc "All hands, this is the OOD, We are ascending to Mast depth."

Ciara then stepped over to Isabel and whispered to her, "you're up." Isa had to learn some time, but her first dive order would be met with a lot of figurative handholding.

Isabel glanced over at Ciara and then gave her a small curt nod. There was a sort of mix of excitement and anxiety at the idea of doing this. She knew that JOOD was a training slot, but it was still a part of how things worked and she didn't want to mess it up too spectacularly on the first try. Eyes fixing on the pilot, she gave the order. "Bring us to mast depth, angle upward 5 degrees," she ordered, her voice giving away none of the mixture of nerves she felt.

"5 degrees up angle to mast depth, aye ma'am," the pilot confirmed the order, making the appropriate changes as the boat began to pitch slightly upward.

She had missed nothing, and her dive was gradual enough that Ciara barely had to shift her stance, Ciara's first dive order she was too steep on the angle, and the OOD on the Alabama reminded her, rather tartly that they'd rather not have half the ship on their ass, and the IDC would not thank her for the amount of suturing he'd have to do.

She whispered to Isabel, "Good job."

"Thanks," the CHOP whispered back, a grin of appreciation twitching at the corners of her mouth.

The Arizona cut her way upward gradually and, after more time that Isabel might have estimated had passed, the call came from the pilot that they had reached mast depth. Isabel glanced over at her bunkmate, waiting only a beat to see if the senior of the two women would take the next steps. It seemed, though, that Isa was still up, so she acknowledged the confirmation back. to the pilot. To the co-pilot she added, "Raise masts, transmit and receive messages." The watch stander acknowledged as well and Isa turned back to look at Ciara, waiting for confirmation that she hadn't missed anything.

Ciara nodded then again quietly responded, "Breathe, you did fine."

Isa's nod was short, abrupt, but appreciative of the feedback. "Thanks," she said again, and meant it.

"CONN, Radio request presence of the captain in radio for an eyes only message," the ITS reported over the radio. "Transmissions complete." With the broadcast downloaded the various messages to the submarine which included news, intelligence updates, and the usual communications to the submarine or all of them printed automatically. The special message eyes only to the captain was held and with a special command entered into the system when and only when the CO was standing at the printer to pull it off himself would that one be done.

"Lower the mast and make our depth Three Zero Zero fee, I am lowering the Photonic mast.t." While the order was given Ciara moved to the controls for the photonic mast and lowered it, while monitoring the process, "I show Photonic mast is down."

"Lower the mast Aye." There was a brief pause, "I show the mast is lowered."

"Making our depth Three Zero Zero feet. " With that done Ciara turned, "Captain, Radio reports you have an eyes only message in the radio room."

"I'm on my way, I'll get the rest of the broadcast as well," Lewes responded.


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