Ronnie  Broward

Name Ronnie Broward

Gender Male

Date of Birth March 23, 1995

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Rank Lieutenant

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Lieutenant Ronnie Broward

Lieutenant Ronnie Broward is the Navigation Officer of the USS Arizona. Ronnie is just coming off his shore tour where he served as a NROTC instructor at his alma mater Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. Lt. Broward's previous sea duty was aboard the USS Wyoming (SSBN-742), but he was advised that a fast attack submarine was a better fit with his career aspirations.


Ronnie is generally quiet and reserved due to a rough childhood. Ronnie enjoys getting his hands dirty and is very dedicated to his work. His quiet nature means he spends more time working than socializing. Ronnie has worked hard to put his past behind him, as such he strives to go above and beyond what is expected of him. While this has left him with few personal friends, he has a select group of people he would consider as close.
Ronnie is cool under pressure and quick on his feet. He can quickly analyze a situation and determine the best course of action. He also believes in deckplate leadership, and he never asks his subordinates to do anything he has not done before, can't do, or wouldn't attempt.
Ronnie is also fluent in Spanish, having mastered the language in high school.


Ronnie Cole Broward was born on March 23, 1995 in Galveston, Texas. His parents are Charles and Rebecca Broward. His older brother, Anthony, is three years his senior. He is from a typical blue-collar family, with his father being a longshoreman at the Port of Galveston and his mother an Emergency Room Nurse at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. His family struggled to make ends meet, with his father working long days and his mother working nights. Ronnie and his brother were taught from an early age to work hard to achieve their goals. While his parent's saved what they could, there was only enough money for Anthony to attend college. Ronnie excelled in sports though, and he was a star running back on the football field, but during his senior year he blew out his right knee which ended any chances of a collegiate career in football. Ronnie turned to the Navy and received a scholarship to attend the NROTC program at Texas A&M University.

Ronnie joined the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets and was placed in Company N-1 where he excelled. Ronnie posted a 3.5 GPA his freshman year since he was a diligent studier. The summer of his junior year, he conducted his second-class cruise on the USS Santa Fe (SSN-763) and decided he wanted to pursue a career in the submarine service. His senior year he was appointed the Company Commander of N-1 and he also served as the NROTC Midshipman Battalion Executive Officer. He graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering, and selected for the submarine community and received his commission as an Ensign in the spring of 2018.

Ronnie excelled in both Nuclear Power School and NPTU. His undergrad studies as an engineer had prepared him for the rigors of Nuclear Power School, and he had a natural grasp of the concepts in NPTU. He did struggle somewhat during his time at the Submarine Officer Basic Course, but he was able to overcome his shortcomings and passed the course in the top percentile. After completing both SOBC and NPTU, Ronnie took leave and returned to Texas where he married his longtime girlfriend Kaitlin.

Ronnie's first sea tour assignment was to the Gold Crew of the USS Wyoming (SSBN-742) as the Propulsion Control Officer. He was well respected by his division and immediately set about obtaining his required qualifications. He focused on obtaining his Engineering Duty officer and EWO qualifications since they were known to be some of the tougher qualifications to earn for new Ensigns. His first deployment with the Wyoming was for a routine strategic deterrent patrol. Upon completion of their first patrol, he had obtained his Engineering Duty Officer and EWO qualifications. During their second patrol, he completed his Junior Officer qualifications and received his coveted dolphins. During his time on the Wyoming, he received a Commendation Medal after leading improving his division's operational efficiency scores. However, he felt that serving on boomers would not benefit his long-term career aspirations, and his CO recommend he serve on a fast attack for his next sea tour.

Completing his Division Officer tour, Ronnie found himself back in Texas as a member of the NROTC staff at Texas A&M. He taught Naval Science while working on his graduate studies, and he became well-liked by the cadets and midshipmen he taught and mentored.

After completing his graduate studies, he was sent to the Submarine Officer Advanced Course where he graduated second in his class. He was then assigned to the USS Arizona (SSN-803), one of the newest Virginia class boats to begin his Department Hear tour.

Service Record

August 2014 - May 2018 Cadet/Midshipman. Texas A&M University NROTC (College Station, TX) : Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

June 2018 - March 2019 Ensign: Naval Nuclear Power School and Naval Power Training Unit (Charleston, SC), Submarine Officer Basic Course (Groton, CT)

March 2019 - December 2022 Ensign/Lieutenant J.G.: USS Wyoming (SSBN-742) Propulsion Control Officer, Received Navy Commendation Medal

January 2022 - February 2024 Lieutenant J.G./Lieutenant: NROTC Instructor, Texas A&M University NROTC Battalion (College Station, TX)

February 2024 - August 2024 Lieutenant: Submarine Officer Advanced Course (Groton, CT)

August 2024 - Present Lieutenant: USS Arizona (SSN-803) Navigation Officer (Naval Base Kitsap, WA)