Rhys   Finch

Name Rhys Finch

Gender Male

Date of Birth August 24, 1995

Position Fire Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant (N)

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Characters / Rhys Finch

Lieutenant (N) Rhys Finch

Lieutenant Rhys Finch (born August 24, 1995) is a Royal Canadian Navy submarine officer serving in an exchange capacity aboard the USS Arizona.

Lieutenant Finch is fluent in three languages: English, French, and Spanish.


Lieutenant Rhys Finch is kind-hearted and good-natured. He likes to lead by example and provide sound judgment. He’s community-focused like his mother and ensures that everyone is involved in whatever task or activity is at hand.


Lieutenant Rhys Finch was born on August 24, 1995, in Halifax, Nova Scotia to parents Gabriela (nee Munoz) and Woodrow “Woody” Finch. His mother is an English high school teacher and community organizer. His father owns and cooks at a diner near the Harbourfront in Halifax.

Lieutenant Rhys Finch is a model student. He performed well academically and played soccer. He won a full sports scholarship at the University of British Columbia but due to his commitment to service and his acceptance into the Royal Canadian Military College of Canada as a Naval Cadet. His father never intended for his son to move in his footsteps or consider a career in the military but knew it was something his son felt he needed to do.

Finch graduated from the Royal Military College with a Bachelor of Arts’ degree in Military and Strategic Studies in 2017. He would play varsity soccer for the Royal Military College of Canada as a midfielder and be made team captain in his final year. He would attend a semester abroad at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland as part of the Bilateral Cadet Exchange Programme which he felt was a rewarding experience.

He would be commissioned with the rank of Acting Sub-Lieutenant (USN equivalent: Ensign) and be enrolled in the Royal Canadian Navy Operations School’s Submarine Officer Programme. He would complete that and be assigned to the HMCS Windsor (SSK-877).

In 2020, he would be promoted to Sub-Lieutenant (USN Equiv.: LTJG) and reassigned to the HMCS Chicoutimi as Senior Watch Officer and Naval Warfare Officer. He would start working on his Master of Arts degree and finish his master’s thesis in 2023.

Lieutenant Rhys Finch and Faith Clarke-DuBois eloped on April 3, 2025, on the Oregon Coast. Faith and Rhys have known each other since they were small children when their families vacationed together in Vermont, where the Clarke-DuBois’ owned a cottage until her parents’ separation and divorce. The two were inseparable and often find it difficult when they would depart. Often both of them would throw tantrums.

When Faith’s parents’ divorce was finalized and the cottage they spent was sold. The two families slightly drifted apart. Rhys took this very hard as he looked forward to seeing Faith every summer. Gabriela then spoke to both of her parents to make arrangements that she would spend every summer with them. His parents remained in contact with her while their communications faded.

The two remained in contact and then communication faded between them until Rhys heard from Faith through his mother that she would be in Victoria and wondered if they could catch up over dinner and drinks. He took her up on the invitation. The week went by and she ended up staying in Victoria for months until his next deployment.


His mother born Gabriela “Gabi” Munoz is the daughter of Spanish Civil War refugees who fled to Canada through, Lisbon, Portugal. She was born in Edmonton, Alberta. She studied at the University of Alberta where she majored in English Literature and History. She would obtain her Master’s degree in Education at Dalhousie University. She is a high school English and Spanish teacher and volunteers as a community organizer.

His father Woodrow “Woody” Finch served in the United States Navy from 1988 until 1996 with the rank of Petty Officer Second Class as a Mess Management Specialist. He comes from a multigenerational U.S. Navy since the First World War. He was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut. He owns a restaurant on the Halifax Harbourfront called Woody’s Harbourside Grill.

The two met when when Woody was on liberty in Halifax in 1990. The two say it was love at first sight. Gabi at first doubted it would work but she constantly got letters from him and vice versa. The two would arrange when had enough time. The two spent two weeks together in Hawaii. By the end of the last week they were engaged. Gabi finished her Master’s degree and settled in Norfolk, Virginia which was the homeport for the vessel that Woody said. They agreed that it would be a long engagement. They were married in the Autumn of 1994. While they weren’t married they tried to have a child. In 1996, Gabriela got a offer to teach English and Spanish at a high school in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The two of them discussed and they decided that Woody wouldn’t reup. She would move ahead to Halifax where she’d find out that she was pregnant with their only child Rhys Finch. They took it as a good omen for their relocation.

Woody would immigrate to Canada and work as a line cook and move up to chef before taking over a restaurant after the elderly owners retired. Unfortunately the land would be purchased for development in 2000 where he would open his own restaurant Woody’s Harbourside Grill after finding investors to assist him in opening.

They still work to this day and neither plan on retiring anytime soon.

Service Record

2013 - 2017: Naval Cadet, Royal Military College of Canada
Obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Military & Strategic Studies
Did a semester abroad at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland as a part of the Bilateral Naval Cadet Exchange Programme
2017 - 2018: Commissioned with the rank of Acting Sub-Lieutenant and enrolled in the Royal Canadian Navy Operations School’s Submarine Officer Programme
2018 - 2020: Acting Sub-Lieutenant, Naval Warfare Officer, Her Majesty’s Canadian Submarine Windsor (SSK-877)
2020 - 2023: Promoted to the rank of Sub-Lieutenant & reassigned to Her Majesty’s Canadian Submarine Chicoutimi as Senior Watch Officer & Naval Warfare Officer.
2023 - 2024 Promoted to Lieutenant (Navy), CFB Esquimalt and attending Master's degree program at UVIC
2024 - Present: Exchange service in the United States Navy (Kitsap, WA)